Monday, August 10, 2009

10 august 2009! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA
09 august 2009! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAN and SINGAPORE! whoosh

haha its really good deal at shang palace 68% off the $98/per person set menu !
best deal ever. its a pity that this deal is ending soon.. ( end of august) well, just have to say today's dinner was GREAT! mouth drooling food with classy ambience and all! :))
Anyway, what most important was the people isnt it:))
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Monday, April 20, 2009

pink panther- the theme for bakerzin's 2009 dinner and dance

something interesting to have huh. image everyone in PINK.

never knew that such a big crowd of people can be so sporting, especially for such a ridiculous theme. haha most of them slogged their lives, working long hours each day and probably only have one day off and yet they took the effort to get their shocking pink clothes. I have to admit that I never knew that people can look so gorgeous in this colour till today. That includes the men also, of course. :))

I realise something today- things can be exceptionally well done/impressive when everyone put in their effort to make it possible. no man is an island. strength of a team is able to create miracles.

anw, today is the first of my semester 3.1. haha never been excited about a subj(calculus) before. I guess i'm still in love with Amaths. To think that i actually wanted to dig out my tys to some questions. LOL. hope this passion and urge will last so i can get a better to pull up my -.- GPA.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Have been so busy during new year that I could not update on what my friends had done for me for my birthday! I think I've met angels:)) This is year is one of my best birthdays. Thank you Weiting, Yuhan, Su Hong Michelle(yuhan's sister), Wei Xiang, Jun Wei, Joanna, Amanda, Edward, Sarah, Kenny, rachel and atikah:)) Some of them are sick, broke and had packed schedules, rushing 3 to 4 deadlines before new year but they still make the effort and fork out time to organise and come for my birthday. I received a renoma wallet (lucky not braun buffel-haha my dear friends, u know why, it's not the design) and a garfield metalic balloon. It's super nice can! wahh super happpyyyyy! lunch picnic at marina barrage.. followed by dinner, red cliff and rochor bean curd(okay it didnt open, so we went to its neighbour). Everyone of them made the day special:)) I LOVE MY FRIENDS. haha girls dont need guys when they have such good friends, I swear! haha

yuhan went to order the garfield metalic balloon with 5 heart shape balloons and send them to my house at 12 but the guy came at 11. I was still in my bed. The man knocked on my door and my mother ignore him thinking that it must be some church people trying to spread the word. Thus, the poor man held the balloons and waited outside for 15 mins, then my mother finally opened the door for him and realised it's a gift for her dearest daughter, ME. HAHAHA arent my mother adorable. oh poor balloon guy. He saw me in my worse state and worse dressing, super embarrassing can. hahaha okay then the Yh, wt, m and wx came to my house with a choc cake. Went to marina barrage and i hate 20 mini cup cakes as my cake. haha choc and love overdosaged that day. haha the mini cup cakes are so adorable but they are alittle too sweet due to the icing (decorations of cookie monster, elmo, oscar, babe in bikini, my name, happy birthday) a very good idea with nicey decorations but just like me they dont really like the sun, so a little melted. oh pls but who cares when u know that your friends simply love u and they put in so much effort right! THANKS PEOPLE! love u girls so much!

okay concluded red cliff is nice and IP MAN IS SUPER NICE OKAY! i'm so going to buy the DVD. for those we have not watched red cliff please watch it! It's a must watch!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I think i'm really very fortunate:)) thanks shinn, alex, jia en, su hong, kai xin, jia min, calvin, jingting, cuifen, pearlyn, ke en, trish and miao hong for getting me the GOLDEN HALF, card and cake plus the surprise, the effort put in and everything. Its a really nice present! I really cant wait to use it! thanks for the surprise at CYA room as well. the cake is delicious. I guess it taste so nice it's because of all the effort and sincerity you all put it. You guys really brighten up my day:)) love being with u guys, all the learning, serving customers, laughing, joking, sharing and everything! i know shinn has started preparing this since 2 weeks ago. i'm so touched! really! i think i'm blessed to know u!

I think I am really blessed to be in sunday with all of you. Cuifen and miao hong, my first sem tuesday buddies for cya, i will nv forget the times with u all as well! really elated that you guys chipped in for my birthday present. I really appreciate it. I really know its not how long we know each other, its how much we have enjoyed each other's company i guess!

As for calvin, jingting and trish, its really a big surprise that you all chipped in for my present. I felt so blessed and i guessed i have gotten more than my share as i didnt do much for your guys. In fact, i only have seen you all around 2 or 3 or 4 times, i really feel that i have not done enough to receive a pres from you guys. THANKS ALOT:)) btw, the sakae and ajisen was fun- for calvin and jingting. haha trish hope to have chance to work with u :)) cya around in sch.

GOLDEN HALF- yes you all are my golden half:)) love you guys! love CYAs!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Many things are just simply unexpected. Now, really there are two sides to everything. Nothing may seems worse that the present situation but no one should be so pessimistic. Many things are simply unfair but if things are meant to be are meant to be. It may seems bad but it could be a blessing in disguise, who knows. I would choose to believe that there's a pretty side, the sky is bright outside. But there is one thing that i am very sure, things seems really horrible these days but a healthy mind and heart would bring many out of the bad weather and rainbow is right ahead. Be strong, I love you and I will always be around.

We choose the life we want, the path to walk, we also determine the colours in our life and that explains why the happiness is in our hands. I chose a simple, straight and colourful path.. what did you?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My dearest god sister just gave birth a new baby boy, 3kg, 46cm! must be a fat baby! hahaha

omg, I cant wait to see them tomorrow!

Welcome to the beautiful world!
happy happy happy new year!!!

good bye 2008 and hello 2009

A new year, so we should let go of the unhappy past, learn from mistakes and look forward to lead a new life! whoosh. I hope for the best for all my friends and the dearest people around me:))

I hope you guys have a great new year celebration. poor me have to count down at home with my computer:((

the good thing is : i get to see fireworks from my house. no need to squeeze with the crowd. haha

still rushing my work.. continue doing for 2 days alr. progressing too slowly.. constantly distracted.. oh man. i hope i can finish this soon and sleep. i haven been sleeping enough since 2, 3 days ago. tues night only 1.5 hours. last night 4 hours.. oh my. panda is here. :(( tmr still have project meeting and work. *screams*

thank you jun wei, joanna and hong liang for coming down to find me after count down. if not i really feel that i've burnt my new year like that and that really emo.. haha.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!